The king of swamp stomp, blues recording artist and producer Iron Mike Norton is described by peers and critics as one of the most innovative and creative artists in the genre. Iron Mike combines elements of modern styles like hip hop, rock and techno with traditional hill country slide guitar blues. The result is a sound truly unique to Iron Mike alone. Based out of the swamps of Florida, Iron Mike has performed for audiences in both the USA and abroad. His ability to cross over into other formats has garnered him the opportunity to work with top artists from not only blues, but rock and country as well.

Having toured and released music on a regional level for more than a decade, Iron Mike broke onto the international scene in 2012 with the release of his self produced album Bad Monkey. His unique "swamp stomp" sound and style attracted both blues purists as well as an entirely new generation of fans. The effort earned him a spot as headliner on the 2013 Greatest Slide Show On Earth Tour as well as endorsements with Curt Mangan, Keeley Electronics, Armordillo Concealment, Pinpoint Pushup and Steel Dragon Jewelry.

In 2014 he followed up with Bloody Knuckles. Again displaying his talent as both a producer and performer, Bloody Knuckles is loaded with juke joint slide guitar infused with urban beats. Bloody Knuckles is no one trick pony, however. Full orchestration and songwriting depth are found in the ballad "Roses And Rust" and "49 Dog Years". Like Bad Monkey, Bloody Knuckles took Iron Mike back onto the international blues scene with a US - Canadian tour, which is now the subject of a documentary blues film "Devil in My Kitchen" due to be released in the fall of 2014.

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08/11 - Iron Mike is the subject of a new documentary film Devil In My Kitchen. The film follows Mike on the road during his Bloody Knuckles Tour and features live performances as well as many of the classic blues venues and festivals across the United States, including Ground Zero Blues Club, The Mission, Knuckleheads Saloon and many more.

07/28 - Check out the new video "Live at The Mission", featuring select live performances from Iron Mike at The Mission in Jefferson City, MO. Click the Iron Mike TV link at the bottom right corner of the page.